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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I will occasionally update this post with my favorite blog entries. A lot of my posts comment on double standards.


If record labels are convinced that CD singles cannibalize album sales, then why are they contributing to million-selling compilations?

But this is a good way to introduce consumers to new artists. It's the Carnival of the Vanities... applied to a genre of music.

Why do you think differently of a man and a woman who would sing these song lyrics?

Someone's got to blog about the dance phenomenon Dragostea Din Tei.


What Aladdin Casino owner Bill Timmins should have said to Michael Moore in the Linda Ronstadt hullabaloo.

Michael Moore doesn't understand that Republicans and Democrats support the same thing.

If you don't support federal funding for something you find offensive, shouldn't you feel the same about things others find offensive?

Want to spend some of the military's funds on social programs? Here's a slap of Constitutional reality.

Why is Congress telling the District of Columbia how to live?

Unanswered questions on global warming.

Slavery reparations? You may have already experienced it.

It should be "Leftists for Voldemort."

Create a world where the United States is not the world's superpower, but the world is a better place.

The right response to Indonesia's request to remove troops delivering tsunami aid.

Answering questions for conservatives on Social Security.

Executing the mentally retarded? Look at what you can learn from Family Guy.

Pay attention to when news articles talk about how well off the "rich" are by using percentages. They may be concealing the whole story, as I surmise here.

Here's some interesting analysis on Social Security, including identifying changes that will make Social Security self-sufficient over the infinite horizon.

Women earn more than men. It's true in some cases, and certainly more accurate than comparing all men to all women.


Beware Canada's terrorist threat! (Click on the second link to learn more about the threat.)

John Kerry sells his Vietnam heroics to Hollywood.

Avoid the mistakes of those who came before you! If you're an Axis of Evil Overlord, be sure to follow this advice!

There are many more offensive sports team names that should be banned.

I've got some ways to improve a barter exchange.

Here are some signs of spring.


Agreed! The comics page doesn't reflect real life.

Want to protect kids from obesity? Try stopping being overprotective in this way.

Fun with telemarketers. Enough said.

What Civilization II teaches us about human advancement.

Video games get a bum rap. There's a positive side to video games that needs to be acknowledged.


Here's a clever use of Blogger: hosting a puzzle challenge.


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