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Monday, February 02, 2004

Canada's terrorist threat (continued)

(Continued from here)

I'm demanding action from President Bush and our government. For too long, they have ignored this terrorist threat.

They come across our porous borders with our northern neighbor. They just fly across, and we've done nothing to stop them.

They come. They congregate. They send out their calls to their brethren all throughout the day (such annoying honking!).

Some even raise a family here, right in our midst.

Yet all remain hostile to us. It takes very little to arouse their ire, to get a hostile response. Just being near them causes them to hiss, raise their wings, even charge. They attack us, and yet we're supposed to ignore it.

They come, attacking our resources, eating our grass. They leave the most foul-smelling droppings, which are certainly hazardous to our health.

They're also incredibly stupid. The origin of this post is from witnessing recent behavior of these Canada geese. I work in an office building with typical reflective glass, with some windows extending almost to ground level. That, of course, leads to stupid geese attacking the strange scentless bird they see in front of them. Enough banging of bill against glass makes it clear to me that these geese are a true terrorist threat.

(What, you thought I was talking about a different terrorist threat?)

Update: Welcome, Carnival of the Vanities readers. Some of my favorite posts are here.


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