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Friday, September 10, 2004

For Voldemort?

Someone who obviously thinks himself clever presents a T-shirt with the slogan "Republicans for Voldemort." This slogan is just another example of a left-wing pundit whose hatred for people unlike him causes him to say something that defies logic and intelligence.

First of all, Republicans are known as the party that supports the status quo. Voldemort attempted to overthrow the status quo of the wizarding world. That should obviate the comparison for anyone with a familiarity of the Harry Potter novels and American politics.

Second of all, if I were comparing Voldemort to a real world politician, I'd choose a left-wing politician: Joseph Stalin. Think about it.... both Voldemort and Stalin were obsessively focused on eliminating their enemies from existence. They both enlisted legions of terror. They both killed an incredible number of people (tens of millions in Stalin's case, an unknown but likely proportional number in Voldemort's) in pursuit of their goals.

And the clincher: Both Voldemort and Stalin had many supporters that, once he was defeated, claimed that no, they never really supported him. At least Voldemort's supporters had the decency to claim to be magically controlled. Supporters of Stalin, and communism in general, just pretended we couldn't see what they had written and said in the past.


At 4:20 PM, Blogger Dave Justus said...

Actually, you pretty much have to compare Voldemort to Hitler, not Stalin. Both were obsessed with racial purity, although not being racially pure themselves and that is where they got their support from.

Certainly the Wealthy 'pure blood' Wizards are analogous to the German Industrialists that supported Hitler.

So at least Liberals are being consistant here. If Bush=Hitler, than certainly one could say Bush=Voldemort.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Dave Justus said...


Just read you other post where you agree with the Hitler analogy.


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