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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ban these team names!

For most of my life, Marquette University's sports teams were known as the Warriors. Then, because of perceived offense to American Indians, the name was changed more than ten years ago to Golden Eagles. Recently, for no reason I can understand, they decided to become the Gold, emulating Stanford's long-ago decision to name themselves after their school colors.

The name was so badly received, that they're redoing the selection, with the winning name to be announced July 1st. "Warriors" is sadly not an option.

I've commented before on the silliness of this, when only nicknames associated with one group of people are deemed off limits. So, to balance the debate, I think it's only fair that the team names on this list be off limits, to avoid offending the white people of varied Caucasian and European descent:

It should go without saying that these names offend the many Americans of Greek heritage, denigrating these proud warrior cultures.

Fighting Irish
Offensive to people whose heritage is traced to Ireland or parts of Great Britain, particularly the reinforcing of the negative stereotype of a brawling Irish drunkard.

These names refer to mounted soldiers and holy warriors of the Middle Ages, who were strictly of European heritage. Modern day whites should not be associated with these often barbaric men, reinforcing negative stereotypes about violence and savagery.

Look, people. It's not enough to remove the name Warriors only when it refers to American Indian warriors. It's just as demeaning to people of European heritage. Look at the stereotypical Roman helmet in the logo. Offensive, I say!

Trail Blazers
Although there are trail blazers and pioneers of all races, the ones celebrated in American culture were typically white. The memory of those who blazed the Oregon Trail should not be denigrated by being reduced to team mascots.

Here's another name that marginalizes people of Roman heritage. One of the greatest cultures in history should not be utilized in such a manner.

Senators could also refer to the senior legislators in Washington D.C., a historically white bastion. However, I think we can all agree that it's all right to make fun of them.


At 10:47 PM, Blogger gecko said...

Yeah, and that Irish mascot has such a big head, too! ;>


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