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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Another good place for steaks

I've enjoyed both downtown institution St. Elmo's and Northside star Sullivan's, mentioned in the article. Now, an upscale steakhouse chain is moving into the Clay Terrace shopping center. Kincaid's will provide another option for people who enjoy good steaks.

So why am I mentioning such an unblogworthy story here?

There's a throwaway comment late in the article:

High-end steakhouse chains like Kincaid's have been expanding since the
economy turned around, Delaney said.

"Americans have always loved a good steak, and as the economy becomes more robust steakhouses are seeing a great increase in sales," he said.

"Since the economy turned around."

Delaney, in the article, is a former restaurant owner and partner in a commercial real estate firm.

So there you have the opinion on the state of the economy of a person who sees restaurants opening in the commercial real estate world he monitors, restaurants whose success or failure depends on judging the state of the economy correctly.

Listen, and you might hear reporters comment on the state of the economy, journalists whose job does not depend on describing the state of the economy accurately.

You might also hear politicians comment on the state of the economy, politicians whose job depends on getting people to believe the economy is worse than it actually is.

Whose description is more likely to be accurate?


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