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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Another mascot protest

The Onion strikes again with another excellent parody, this one of protests over college mascots. It even includes a mention of my alma mater!

I remember an article in my college newspaper in 1994, where someone opposed to American Indian mascots tried to explain what it was like by making up fake team names like Montgomery Mexicans. This oh-so-clever writer ignored the very real example of teams named after non-Indian real peoples, such as the Michigan State Spartans, University of Southern California Trojans, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Minnesota Vikings, and San Diego State Aztecs.

I have to point out that with the exception of the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, teams are named after things that have positive aspects, ones the athletes can aspire to. Animals, peoples, workers, emotions, concepts, etc.; they're all worthy of emulation. (Yes, I know there are other exceptions too...)

The Florida State Seminoles are viewed as a model of using an Indian name, as they have the approval of the tribal nation. However, shouldn't they be upset with the shame the football team brings on the school, and thus the Seminole name?


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