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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Alternate History Challenge!

There's at least one thing I have in common with Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, and it's definitely not blog visitors per day. It's a like of alternate history. He's put a number of reviews and recommendations of alternate history novels and compilations on his site recently, helping me round out my Christmas list.

In thinking about the various alternate-history stories I've read, one thing stands out: they all show worlds that are significantly worse than our own. Granted, that makes for a more interesting read. Reading about papers and paychecks in a world like ours would be rather blah. The Nazi Germany triumphant scenario is done a lot, but it is certainly not boring. Yet, with all these historical examples of terrible regimes, some people see the United States as the world's greatest evil.

This line of thought brings me to an Alternate History Challenge, mainly directed to all those who hate and fear America's dominance in the world today. Your mission: Create a plausible scenario of alternate history, where the United States is not a dominant world power, yet the world as a whole is significantly better than our own.

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