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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hypocrisy (sigh....)

Erwin Chemerinsky, Dook law professor, changed his mind on whether filibusters are good or bad. Why? Because it's a Republican president, not a Democrat president, whose will is being thwarted by filibusters. Patterico has the details.

People need to realize that nowadays, if you are blatantly obvious in your hypocrisy, you will be called on the subject. I respect someone who changes their mind based on evidence, but to simply speak out of both sides of your mouth is low.

My thoughts? Use filibusters when you think you can change people's minds, if you just had a little time. Don't use them to stop votes forever. Especially in the case of judicial nominations, consider this: if you are so confident that the nominee is so bad that you don't want him or her to be approved, let the vote come, and proudly vote nay. Then, when all those bad opinions come down from the court, throw those in the face of the opposition party. "I told you this was a bad judge, and you didn't listen!"

(No need for comments. I know politicians won't do this because they know these judges aren't going to be bad enough to make an effective political issue.)


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