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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Politics and Cthulhu

Unless you've seen a Chaosium booth at a convention, you probably haven't seen Cthulhu for President. Slogan: "Why settle for the lesser evil?"

Despite this obvious joke, I'm actually surprised to see a political commentator refer to Cthulhu in an opinion column. Cthulhu and statistics... a very humorous combination, for someone of my background.

"If you are standing in the main election night studio when your network's polling experts start discussing the significance of a particular state poll, you the reporter will hear about three words out of one hundred that you will understand."

Admittedly, polling experts use hard words. Hard, long, multi-syllabic, vaguely Lovecraftian words, like "statistics" and "averages" and "variance." If you say "sampling size" repeatedly, an Elder God might smite you dead. No, the opinion of polling experts is best listed among Things Man Was Not Meant to Know.

"These polls occur in the realm of statistics and probability."

Shhh! Not so loud, lest dread Cthulhu be wakened from the briny deep!



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