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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Another Baron Hill lie

Still no commercials for my congressman, but I saw another Baron Hill commercial which had a statement that very neatly compacted THREE lies within it. It stated that Mike Sodrel will risk your Social Security money in the stock market. Let's summarize the lies one by one:

  1. Mike Sodrel: In all proposed partial privatizations of Social Security, the individual chooses whether or not to participate. No government employee makes that decision.
  2. Your: Under Social Security, you do not have any money. If Congress voted, and the president signed, a bill to end Social Security, you would get NOTHING. No money you pay goes into an account with your name on it, and it won't... until Social Security is privatized.
  3. Risk: Over a thirty-year horizon, investing in the stock market isn't risky. Over a one-year horizon, it is.

This is not to say there aren't risks to privatizing Social Security. To me, the biggest risk is that people who participate and choose idiotic investments will complain, then get relief from the federal government.


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