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Thursday, October 21, 2004

THIS is from National Review?

Now this is an article one wouldn't expect to see from the National Review.

Yet I've remained nostalgic about D&D. I still have a box, stashed away in
the recesses of my basement, that holds a Player's Handbook, a Monster
, and, of course, the DMG with that big red monster on the cover. Duct tape is the only thing keeping these battered volumes together. Stuffed into the box with them are a collection of adventure modules, stacks of character sheets, and folders full of carefully drawn maps of cities, kingdoms, and worlds that have existed only in my imagination. It's a pretty big box, this one. And no — as I inform my wife every year or two — I won't get rid of it.

That's because I've long harbored a secret notion in the back of my mind: Wouldn't it be awesome to get a game going again?

There. I've said it. If you feel an urgent need to call me a big loser, I'm ready to take it like a man.

Actually, in the community of role-playing gamers I'm familiar with, there are a surprising number of conservatives. This fact became apparent in November and December 2000, when gamers, just like everyone else, were talking about the hot topic of the day, the ever-continuing presidential race.

Update: Another column, this one from the Boston Globe.


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