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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry in 250 words or less

Vox Blogoli IV, at hughhewitt.com, challenges the blogosphere to answer the questions "Why vote for Bush and what's wrong with Kerry?" in 250 words or less. A lot has been said about the issues, the flip-flops, and who has been and is on the right side of history. But instead of focusing on this, I'll suggest the following:

What does Bush versus Kerry boil down to? It’s a question of a leader versus a poser.

Senator Kerry wants to be all things to all people. He’s a hunter, just like you. A football fan. Against the war. For the war. No one should think less of a politician just because he’s not an avid college football fan, and if a voter thinks that, do you need his vote? But Kerry cares about each and every voter’s vote, even if it means he’ll have to say something different than he said previously, in order to please the voter. And he cares about pleasing foreign leaders, even if it means acting against the best interests of America. There is nothing more important than being liked.

President Bush cares about the voter, not the vote. He will act to defend America and do what he believes is right, no matter if others disapprove. If you hear Bush advocate a position, you know it is his position, not one carefully calculated to please others. The toughest decisions are often the most unpopular. There is nothing more important that doing what is right.

People follow Bush because they share his views. Kerry shares the views of people because he hopes they will follow him. It’s a critical distinction, and only the former marks a true leader, the right leader for America. Re-elect Bush November 2!


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