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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Here's a restaurant to avoid

Driving through the new shopping center, I saw a new restaurant about to open, Ted's Montana Grill. My first thought: Ted Turner has a ranch in Montana; is this his restaurant? Upon further investigation of the flyers posted, I found out it is his restaurant. I guess I won't be eating there.

What I found funny is the description of the theme of the restaurant:

The decor blends the warmth and charm of an authentic Montana bar and grill. The design is faithful to the Arts & Crafts architectural style of the early 20th century, which emphasized comfort and the use of natural materials.

This prompts me to write the following e-mail to the restaurant chain:

I noticed your restaurant, Ted’s Montana Grill, is opening in my area. However, I am shocked that Ted Turner would lend his name to a restaurant designed to reflect the atmosphere of the early 1900’s. In that time period, women were denied the right to vote, African-Americans were systematically denied basic civil rights, Native Americans were driven from their ancestral lands, and the United States was spreading its empire around the globe. I cannot bring myself to eat in a restaurant that evokes tragic memories of this dark period of American history.

I highly anticipate receiving nothing more than an automated response.

I also found it amusing that, according to the liquor license application that was for some reason posted publicly on the unopened restaurant, the franchise name is TMG of Ohio. There's also no restaurant in Montana right now.


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