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Monday, August 23, 2004

Equality of the sexes?

Will we ever have true equality of the sexes? There will never be total equality; no man will ever work as a wet nurse, for example. But should men and women be treated equally?

Well, what would you think of a man who said this?

I know you work across the street in the indie record store
I'm thinking someday that we'll meet, I'm thinking we'll do something more

I've seen you here before, I want to see you more and more
You get inside my head, I want you in my bed

I've got a plan in mind for you, I'm waiting till the time is right
I know that you'll like what I do, no need to put up a fight
Watching you from far away, you look so sweet and clueless
Soon I'll move in on my prey, it's time for me to do this

Watching and waiting, the feeling is elating
Biding my time, yeah, I know that you'll soon be mine

Disturbed? A stalker? A potential rapist? Definitely dangerous.

But those are lyrics from a song, sung by a woman, from the perspective of a woman. It comes across as fun, clever. It's pretty much the exact opposite.

If you believe in equality of the sexes, why should your impression of the words above be different based simply on the sex of the person saying them?

(Those are lyrics from the song Stakeout, by Freezepop. A fun band with an 80's retro style. I recommend them, even if they support John Kerry for President.)

Update: would feminists consider that "empowering?"


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