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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Fun with telemarketers

Got a typical telemarketer call. When a phone call starts with mention of winning a prize, you know what it's about. The telemarketer first asked whether I'd prefer $100 in groceries or $100 in gas, then whether I'd prefer a vacation package or online shopping spree. I asked early on what the catch was, but it took quite a while to mention the need to set up an appointment with a air filtration system salesman. I had expressed my general disinterest before that, but my specific disinterest after that.

I couldn't get this guy to give up. I even pointed out that he was losing money by talking to me, since I wasn't interested. I kept trying to get him to admit that I wasn't the right person for this company. I had friends over while this conversation was going on, and judging by the laughs, they were amused. I eventually had to hang up on him.

Afterwards, one friend had an interesting comment. He said some telemarketers were forbidden from hanging up, that as long as you were talking to them, you were an "interested customer." Anyone else hear that?

Sure, I could have joined the no-call list, but then I wouldn't get to have fun like this!


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