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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

When it comes to school, girls rule

Such is the headline of a January 4th article. Girls are doing better than boys in pretty much all aspects of schooling. This isn't news to anyone who's been paying attention. Yet despite the obvious evidence, plenty of people (perhaps blinded by devotion to a particular agenda) have worked hard to help girls overcome their disadvantages.

Some statistics from the article:
  • On statewide exams, girls have equaled or exceeded boys for every category and every age group.
  • Two-thirds of special education students are boys.
  • Sixty percent of state dropouts are boys.

Women are more likely to earn college degrees. Girls mature faster, behave better, have better language skills. They have female role models in the classroom at most ages. And let's not forget the obvious, that almost all violent criminals are men.

If these statistics were reversed, there would be calls to end the crisis. Who will stand up for this potential lost generation of boys?


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