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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another victim for Jeffrey Dahmer?

The 1981 abduction and slaying of six year old Adam Walsh, son of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh, has never been solved. But now, an author suggests notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer may have been responsible.

Dahmer told the Hollywood detective he was broke and drinking heavily while in Miami Beach, worked at a sub shop and often slept on the beach.

Dahmer said he didn't have a car, had never been to Hollywood, and he wasn't interested in kids Adam's age.

"The official line is, he didn't kill. And the official line is what Jeffrey said. Should we believe that?" writer Arthur Jay Harris said.

Harris is a freelance writer who's published three true crime books.

Harris started looking at the Walsh case in 1996 after a landmark legal ruling opened the 10,000-page Walsh file to the public. The Dahmer angle intrigued him. He started digging.

Harris just finished a book about Dahmer, and recently laid out his case in a Miami daily paper. His article put Dahmer at the Hollywood Mall, in the suspected getaway car on the day Adam disappeared.

One of the reasons why police believed Dahmer that he didn't kill Adam (was) because he said he didn't have a vehicle," Harris said.

"This blue van had a crate for a passenger seat," Darlene Hill said.

Harris located Hill, the former owner of restaurant where Dahmer worked. Hill told 12 News the business had three delivery vehicles. One was a blue van. Several witnesses reported seeing a blue van speed from the mall that day.

Since I was living in Milwaukee at the time, the story of Jeffrey Dahmer was inescapable. After being caught, convicted, and later slain in prison (in what may have been a racially motivated attack), I thought the last chapter of this story had been written, but I was wrong. It's doubtful anything will come from this speculation, though. The case is simply too old.


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