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Friday, January 19, 2007

Duke Penitentiary

The Duke lacrosse false rape case has been covered extensively, such as by the indispensable KC Johnson. Suffice to say I hope the accused players receive sincere apologies, the university is punished monetarily, and the false accuser serves a stiff prison sentence.

But that's not to say you can't use the case for a laugh. The Center for Individual Freedom presents an article from six years in the future, showing the ultimate fate of the disgraced university.

In 2010, when Duke was forced to close its doors in the aftermath of a 2006 scandal involving false accusations of rape against three student lacrosse players, its property was sold at public auction to the state of North Carolina, which renamed it Duke Penitentiary, sometimes referred to as "Hoosegow of the South."

In keeping with its idyllic setting, Duke is a minimum-security prison primarily used to house white-collar criminals, former prosecutors, policemen, perjurers and approximately 88 former faculty members convicted in a series of riots that plagued the campus and the genteel streets of Durham throughout 2007.

It's worth an extra laugh if you're a graduate of UNC-CH.


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