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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Silly racists!

The twin girls Lynx and Lamb Gaede, darlings of the white separatist movement who perform as Prussian Blue, got attention on the news and around the blogosphere after a profile on Primetime, have returned to the news. It seems their new neighbors in BFE, Montana aren't happy to have them in their midst, and so have passed around fliers identifying them and saying their views aren't tolerated.

However, the Kalispell Police Department has heard from the family. The police say they received a complaint that the family was being "harassed" by the neighbors posting the fliers.

In an irony not lost on many in the community, the officers had to explain that the neighbors' free speech rights made the fliers perfectly legal.

Just as legal as the free speech rights afforded Lynx and Lamb Gaede.

Although a date has yet to be set, the 1,400-member Montana Human Rights Network is planning a rally in Kalispell. Seems all area residents are now exercising their free speech rights in northwest Montana.

Silly racists! You should know that the only people who can get away with calling free speech threatening are favored liberals on college campuses!

Music update

Thirteen months ago, I began listening to all of my CDs. That process is still ongoing. I'm on the M's in the second half of the CD collection (the ones filed away out of their jewel boxes). I've finished the CD singles, but still have a lot of compilations to listen to.

M starts out with lots of Madonna. One of those CDs is what I consider my first CD, Like a Prayer, which I won from a local radio station. I very much enjoyed it, and ended up listening to it time and again. It's a great collection of songs from arguably her peak of popularity (not that there have been many troughs in Madonna's career). The singles were great, and among the album tracks is a duet with Prince (talk about the face of late 80's music!).

Of all the songs on the album, though, my favorite is a track that didn't get a single release in America, Dear Jessie. The song is basically a lullaby for coproducer Patrick Leonard's daughter, and evokes wonderful fairy tale imagery. And every time I listen to the song, one lyric sticks out:

There's a golden gate where the fairies all wait

And I think, how did this escape criticism from gay activists?

Actually, if you set your mind to it, the song is filled with phrases that can be twisted into double meanings:

Rub this magic lantern // He will make your dreams come true for you
Ride the rainbow to the other side
Pink elephants
love parade
dancing moons
fountain of gold
Sugarplum fingertips kissing your honey lips

(Addendum for HP: immediately following Madonna is Magnetic Fields)