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Thursday, May 11, 2006

A double success story

Over at TCSDaily, Val MacQueen has an inspiring article. Asians, then part of the British Empire, sought to build a successful life in a British African colony, and built successful businesses. When Ugandan moron and thug Idi Amin kicked them out with nothing but the clothes on their back, they started over again in Britain. It's a heartwarming immigrant success story.

It also highlights an undeniable fact: the surest way to fourth world status is to kick out your successful countrymen, then give their property to your cronies. The evil Mugabe is reaping the lessons of Uganda right now.

It's been said often: if you took all of America's wealth and divided it equally, within a generation, there'd again be extremely wealthy individuals, and individuals with nothing. Having money helps you become rich, but it's neither a requirement nor a guarantee.


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