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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Your chance to see how the rich live(d)

I highlighted a very fine home in the post titled Need a Starter Home? Now, you can see it yourself!

Le Chateau Renaissance is Indianapolis' Decorator's Showhouse, where decorators donate their time and work to decorate a magnificent house, which is then open for public tours. The whole thing benefits a local hospital charity. The event runs through May 14,

The original plan to use the governor's mansion fell through. Now I'm glad it did. I got to see the house last week, in a special preview, and it is magnificent. But no matter how much money I had, I couldn't see living in such a large house. What could one possibly do with that much space?

Here's one example. In most houses built in recent years, the master bathroom will have some common features to make it the "nicest" bathroom. Typically, you will see twin sinks, and a separate "garden bath" and shower stall.

For Le Chateau Renaissance, every bedroom had a full bathroom with twin sinks and separate bathtub and shower.


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