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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

*cower, whimper, cry*

It seems that, after making his unthoughtful remarks, Mayor Nagin was scheduled to appear on Tuesday's Anderson Cooper show on CNN. His staff confirmed his appearance at 6 PM, but backed out at the last minute, citing an emergency.

Trouble is, he was caught lying and hiding. Check out the transcript!

COOPER: Sean, thanks for that.

It was here on the program that we expected to speak with Mayor Nagin, even though getting the mayor to come on the program is only a little easier than herding cats. When we -- when he last appeared on 360, which was about four months ago, shortly before Hurricane Rita, he promised he would be back.

Since then, we have put in dozens of requests for interviews. He's always declined them. Twice, he has agreed to appear, then canceled shortly before airtime, as he did tonight.

This morning, he agreed to appear. And, then, around 6:00 p.m., he confirmed he would appear. Then, shortly after, his office told us the mayor had an emergency to deal with. They said he would not be showing up.

Now, they didn't say what the emergency was. And we're not here to judge a person's emergencies. But, last we checked, the mayor was eating dinner at a restaurant called Bourbon House on the corner of Bourbon Street.

And Sean Callebs is actually standing outside the restaurant right now. Sean, is the mayor still inside having dinner?

CALLEBS: Well, as best we can tell, Anderson, he is, indeed. I can you how this evening played out. After we got the call that the mayor was going to cancel the interview, we had a crew out here. Somebody went upstairs to the second floor in a private dining area. They saw the mayor greeting members of the Commission to Bring Back New Orleans.

Now, we had people out here the entire time. There are still a number of city vehicles out here. We went up a short while ago to check once again to see if Mayor Nagin was upstairs on the second floor. This time, those doors were shut, and the mayor's press officer is standing out in front -- Anderson.

COOPER: Well, tell her I -- I left her a message as well. I would love to talk to her, when she gets a chance. To your knowledge, are there any emergencies happening in Bourbon House right now?


And, to our knowledge, there was not an emergency Stafford meeting. And it was the kind of thing -- we asked the press officer, look, is this the kind of thing that we should be at to cover, to talk to the mayor, to see what came up at this 11th hour, to see what could be so critical about getting possible funding for this area, some kind of congressional action?

We got no real answer from that. So, we're waiting out here. There are a number of cars out here as well. And if the mayor is indeed still upstairs and comes down, Anderson, we hope we can bring it to you live and explain exactly what happened.

COOPER: Well, that would be great. We would love to talk to him, as we always would love to talk to the mayor. And if he's watching, maybe up there in Bourbon House, feel free to come out any time. Sean Callebs will be there. We are on for the next two hours.


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Dave Justus said...


At 6:38 PM, Blogger 1138 said...

Well I guess that's adequate defence for the administration doing a big bunch of nothing even to this day in the aftermath of Katrina.

Bush called it "that region of the world" yesterday, at least Nagin knows where the hell the hurricane hit even if he can't make chocolate and talks like Pat Robertson about God.

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Greg said...

1138, stay on topic. Post your thought on different topics on your own blog.

At 12:58 AM, Blogger gecko said...

Ouch, that smarts!


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