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Monday, January 16, 2006

Kids these days....

Dr. Samuel H. Cox is the chair of the actuarial science program at Georgia State University, one of the nation's top schools for actuarial science. If you're an actuary, you probably recognize his name. If you're just a blog reader, you probably don't.

At least, you don't recognize HIS name, but there's another Cox out there you might recognize. RiskProf points out that his daughter is named Ana Marie, and is better known as Wonkette (or rather, the original Wonkette).

You may recognize another actuarial daughter. Rachel Corrie, best known for teaching Palestinian children how to burn the American flag and for being crushed by a bulldozer while protecting a Palestinian weapons-smuggling tunnel, is the daughter of an actuary.

Rebelling against your parents is cliched, but in these cases, seems perfectly accurate.


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