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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Animal sightings

The large retention pond near home has the normal ducks and evil Canada geese, but another visitor is a large bird, perhaps a crane. On another visit, I saw something run across the grass into the pond: it looked like a beaver. Occasionally, one can see a little head poking out of the water, with a wake from the swimming body behind it.

On the way home, though still quite light out, I spotted a raccoon in the grass at the roadside. That's better than the normal place I spot raccoons: in the middle of the road, after being hit by cars. (Since I don't use a garbage can, raccoons remain "cute.")

Finally, there was a brown squirrel. Nothing unusual there, of course. However, this squirrel was foraging at the edge of the road, with its tail lying across the road. Now, its something of an optical illusion, and you think you are closer to the edge of the road than you actually are. But still, as I was driving by, I was picturing a cartoonish squirrel with a beaver-shaped flattened tail.


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