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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Don't dwell on this image

--WARNING-- Disturbing thought ahead --WARNING--

Messages from a thread on one of the role-playing-related mailing lists I'm on:

1. And the rally cry goes out to near and far.... "Save the Bath House!"

2. Hmm, Sounds like the title of "a very special Interactive...."

3. Hmmm. I suddenly have this image... 20+ geeks in a sauna, and only one towel. Roll for initiative.


1. Argggh! I was eating! *throws remainder of lunch away* Make the bad images go away!

2. Dude... Unless I get to pick the other 19 'geeks' (I'm pretty sure I could find that many I wouldn't mind sharing a sauna with), forget the towel--I'm diving for the spork. You know, for my eyes. *Shudder*


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