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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sucks to be you!

From a news article on AOL:

TMZ has learned exclusively that before Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson got married, he not only asked his future bride to sign a prenup, he actually had the papers drawn up, but Jessica refused to sign.

When the couple married in October 2002, Nick was financially better off than his better half. The former 98 Degrees boy bander was concerned enough about his financial security to take legal measures to protect himself.

During their marriage, the financial tables turned drastically when Jessica rocketed past Nick in earning power. Her endorsements, along with appearances and other revenues, earned Jessica $35 million in 2004 alone.

Under California law, since the couple did not sign a prenup, earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50. If the couple doesn't settle out of court, Nick would be entitled to tens of millions of Jessica's earnings during their three years of wedlock.

If I were Nick, I wouldn't care if the split became acrimonious. I'd say, "Tough. You had your chance to agree to protect our individual wealth and income, and you didn't take it. If the situation were reversed, you wouldn't give me the lion's share of the wealth, so I feel no shame in dividing our marriage earnings according to California law."

He'd better do this, since his future earnings are pretty close to nil.


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