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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Best new saying

From Jonah Goldberg's post to the Corner on the subject of when torture might be necessary (the "ticking time bomb" scenario):

Indeed, it becomes difficult to come up with a scenario where the torture of an innocent might be required. An innocent person with knowledge of where the bomb is would surely volunteer it without coercion. And an innocent person who refuses to divulge the information is almost by definition no longer an innocent but an accomplice. Of course, one can come up with Hollywoodish scenarios where innocents are blackmailed into silence for noble reasons (a kidnapped child or some such). But if Ramesh already thinks the ticking bomb is a red herring, it seems silly to gild the herring even more.

That's it! "Gild the herring" should become the world's newest catchphrase!


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