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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blogging has been light....

For some reason, November is always a big month for travel, and before this month is out, I will have traveled to airports in eight states. Compounding the normal weekend trips was an additional trip I got back from yesterday: the annual meeting for the Society of Actuaries. All in all, I expect to be out of town for parts of 19 days this month.

I left an unusually warm day in New York and returned to an unwelcome visitor from Canada, the first winter weather of the season. It was snowing, although the light and fluffy flakes weren't accumulating on the ground. No more than eight days earlier, it was sunny, and warm enough to go outside without a jacket. Only four more months, and I can put away my heavy jacket. (I know it's four months. I wore the jacket for the first time today, and discovered a receipt from late March still in the pocket.)

That's two reasons to hate Canada: terrorists, and weather.


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