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Friday, September 16, 2005

W's new rap track

In the comments of this thread, the topic of Kanye West's idiotic comment came up. One poster said:

This is how those rapper feuds get started. I heard that when Dubya releases his next CD around Christmas, he will devote the first track to a severe smackdown of West.

Another poster came up with the rap:

I don't care 'bout black people? You the one spreadin' hate
Bitch, I made a sistah my Sec'atary o' State!
YOU made a video callin' sistahs "gold diggas"
YOU made a video that used the word "n-----s"
Hatin', it just ain't a part of my strategery
But you leave me no choice but to hurt your feelin's, G
Just got a blow job from Katrina, doin' the best I can
So y'all can go to hell, West, young man!

(folds arms, looks defiant)



At 12:21 PM, Blogger Dave Justus said...

If I had any talent at all I'd make the flash animation of that. Sadly I don't so I will just have to imagine it.


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