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Sunday, September 18, 2005

30 Days I'd like to see

Morgan Spurlock followed up Super-Size Me with a series called 30 Days. Debbie Schlussel, writing in OpinionJournal, was none to happy with one episode, based on the show's goals being outlined in advance.

"This process aims to deconstruct common misconceptions and stereotypes. . . . Our character will learn firsthand about Islam and the daily issues that . . . Muslims in America face today. The viewers will witness our character emerge from the immersion situation with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Muslim-American experience. . . . The potential is great for this program to enlighten a national television audience about the Muslim American experience and increase their compassion, understanding and support."

I'd like to suggest a couple of other 30 Days ideas.

The obvious: take a smart Palestinian Muslim and make him live with an American Reform Jewish family, attend synagogue services, etc. It'd be revealing to watch this person as realization dawns that his whole life has been a lie, fed by his leaders.

But here's a better one:

Take a typical 9-5 factory worker, who thinks the executives of his company have it easy. Make him or her live the life of the CEO for 30 days. Let's see what he or she learns from a life of 6:00 AM board meetings, 100 hour work weeks, never being off call, and being held responsible for conditions far beyond his or her control.

Most blue-collar workers are woefully ignorant of the work top executives do, and the stress that comes from being responsible for thousands of people. They are called on to make decisions with limited information, and get held responsible for anything that goes wrong.


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