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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Bad news for Israeli special forces

No one will qualify for them in the future. Here's the current point of contention:
Ynet has learned that 18-year-olds who tell recruiters they play [Dungeons and Dragons] are automatically given low security clearance. “They're detached from reality and susceptible to influence,” the army says.

Fans of the popular roleplaying game had spoken of rumors of this strange policy by the IDF, but now the army has confirmed that it has a negative image of teens who play the game and labels them as problematic in regard to their draft status.

First of all, they should restrict actors and authors in the same way. After all, what does it say about your grasp on reality and ability to be influenced when you, a 21st century teen, are able to take direction from another person and convincingly channel an Okie looking for work and respect in California?

Then, we'll have to restrict other candidates who are detached from reality. Did you dream of being a rock legend or football star? I'm sorry, with your inherent talent, that's a fantasy. You're detached from reality. Did you play house with your sister? You should have known that you can't own a house as a 4 year old child and you can't marry your sister. Detached from reality.

Did you fantasize about Miss June? Sorry, she's way out of your league. Definitely detached from reality.

Let's see. If teenage boys with minds filled with fantasies (every night, for starters) aren't psychologically suited to high military clearance, then no one will ever qualify.

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