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Monday, March 14, 2005

Are they trying to tell me something?

At the grocery store, one receives checkout coupons with one's receipt, normally for a product one just purchased, or a competitor product.

Today, I got a coupon for Vivarin.

Are they saying I am drinking too much Diet Mountain Dew? "Why don't you just skip the carbonated water and flavorings, and go straight for the caffeine?"


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Gretchen Ross said...

Just testing out the comments...seems I can finally comment! Sometimes blogger comments just shit out so thats probably all it was.

I can't speak for your experience, but I find that yes, grocery stores, for some strange reason, are a major area for VALIS messaging from the universe and strange activity. Learn to read the numbers, the totals that come up at the cash register for example.

My father was in line with about 5 items. The person ahead of him in line was cashing out. The clerk said "$11.94 please." And as he was getting his change, he said, hey, its not 11.94, its 9.69. And the clerk looked at the register and sure enough, it said 9.69. She apologized and rang him through.

Then my dad was up, she put through his five items and what was the total? 11.94, the total the clerk had asked for before she had even put my dad's order through.

Let me tell you one more story of something that happened to a man at a grocery store.

He was with his wife, and they were in a hurry so they split up to find some items. The wife asked that the husband get her a bag of pretzels as she was in the produce section.

The husband walked around, and finally he was in the chip isle. This is where things get weird. At the last minute, he thought to himself, "She doesnt need those pretzels" and he put the bag back on the shelf and started pushing the cart away, his head down as he walked. When he lifted his head up, he saw three "young people" that he described as well dressed (over dressed for a grocery store) and in their twenties. They looked shocked and one of them exclaimed, "He didn't take them!" like they were surprised. He was looking at them confusingly and then they disappeared, literally, they faded out as if they were a mirage.

Pay attention to what goes on in grocery stores.


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