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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Call me skeptical

In light of the recent healdline-grabbing Laci Peterson murder case, someone did some further investigation. Using admittedly incomplete data, journalists for the Washington Post uncover an unexpectedly high number of homicide deaths among pregnant and post-partum women. One statistic: 50 of 247 deaths in Maryland over six years were due to homicide. The conclusions drawn aren't surprising: men, who don't want to become fathers (and who, of course, have no choice on whether their child is brought into the world) , are desperately looking for a way out.

Some thoughts:
  • Every death is a tragedy.
  • However, these incidents are few and far between.
  • The kind of person who would kill his wife or girlfriend is the kind of person who would kill in other circumstances.
  • Some people will misuse this study to criticize men in general, despite the infinitesimally small number of despicable murdering men out there. And that's not good for society.
  • Some people will become afraid based on this report, well above normal levels of fear for a small risk like this. And that's not good for society.


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