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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Good riddance, Van Jones

Communist and 9/11 Truther Van Jones "resigned" from the useless but potentially dangerous "green jobs czar" position. I saw this news flashed on CNN while in the airport in Atlanta. The tagline at the bottom of the screen mentioned a "vicious smear campaign of lies and distortion."

It's telling to see what the Left considers a "vicious smear campaign of lies and distortion": reporting the person's actual words and actions, wholly in context. Van Jones was a leader in a Marxist organization. He was a Truther. He is immortalized on CD as anti-Israel. All of these are true. If you want an example of a vicious smear campaign, and one that's timely given recent news, look at Ted Kennedy's speech on Robert Bork's America.

Now, just because you supported some bad causes in the past, it shouldn't ruin you. You can just admit you were wrong. For example, when it was revealed that Barack Obama was recorded saying he supported a single payer health care system, he could have responded, "When I made that statement, I hadn't studied the issue much, mostly relying on the opinions of one side. In my time in the Senate and running for the presidency, I studied the issue further, and have concluded that the single payer system will not work for America." Now, I wouldn't have believed him, but if you don't describe how and why your opinions have changed, it is very sensible to assume they haven't changed.

At the link, Robert Stacy McCain discusses the media impact, and has a number of interesting links.



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