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Friday, July 24, 2009

My tonsillectomy

Yes, my greedy pediatrician gave me a tonsillectomy just to line his pockets.

No, wait, I think it was medically desirable. I'd say medically necessary, although I don't know if treatment that simply makes one healthy for several additional weeks each year fits that definition.

First, the link, where Wesley M. at In My Copious Free Time attacks the idiocy of Barack Obama opining on this medical procedure, despite knowing nothing special about medicine.

I grew up in a medical family. I've worked in the business side of a medical practice. And I've edited medical journals and textbooks for closing in on 20 years now. I've literally lost track of how many specialists, general practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, and even medical billing clerks I've had conversations and dealings with over my life. And not once have I ever heard of a doctor ordering a unnecessary surgical procedure on a child simply because he thought he could "make a lot more money" that way.

Not once.

That's just my own experience, of course. So if you have an actual example, Mr. President, please share it with us. Because I'd like to have that doctor reported to his or her state medical licensing board.

I do, unfortunately, know of some possibly unnecessary tonsillectomies that have been performed, but not because of the chance to "make a lot more money," as President Obama suggests. These were performed as protection against potential malpractice lawsuits, in case at some point down the line the decision not to perform the procedure turned out to be the wrong one. These were performed for the same reason a lot of potentially unnecessary tests and procedures are -- as defensive medicine. But to acknowledge that fact of our current health care system would mean dealing with medical malpractice premiums, lawsuits, and jury awards. And how many Democrats currently involved with health care reform are highlighting medical malpractice reform as a priority in this debate?

And now, my sad tale:

When I was young, I suffered from strep throat multiple times each winter. It was almost like once the cycle of antibiotics wore off, the disease would strike again. I had my tonsils and adenoids removed when I was six, and I don't think I've had strep throat since then. I was out of school for a while, and missed PE and recess for a while after that. It was painful for a few days, and I needed some speech therapy because of the removed adenoids. The only positive was getting to watch Kenny Rogers in The Gambler (if that gives you an idea of my age). The free ice cream bit didn't really make an impact on me.

I'm worried that under ObamaCare, doctors would receive "suggestions" from politicians, who lack medical degrees, that tonsillectomies were "never necessary," and they would feel pressured to let kids like me get sick again and again rather than perform an appropriate medical procedure.

(Via Instapundit)


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