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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Impeach Governor Spitzer!

In case you didn't already know about Eliot Spitzer's history of questionable decision-making, with his self-promoting attacks on Wall Street and insurance companies, you must see this revelation from an article on the American Idol finalist, and champion of Vote for the Worst, Sanjaya:

"It was really weird because the governor of New York came up to me and said, `I'm a fan, I vote,'" he said.

Voting on American Idol? Being a fan of Sanjaya? Now, even the most ardent Democrat must admit that Spitzer is unfit to govern.

But American Idol also offers Governor Spitzer a shot at redemption. If he wants to show true leadership, he'll sue American Idol over its promotion of lower quality singers. The show bills itself as a talent competition, and to advance some lower-quality singers just because it makes for better television is surely false advertising, or some other offense a lawmaker can target.

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