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Monday, April 23, 2007

If you need a definition of bias....

Another Rovian Conspiracy highlights a MSNBC story on the Virginia Tech atrocity that quotes a retired ATF agent on hollow-point bullets.

"It's not something that you would need for home protection, because what you are trying to do is eliminate an immediate threat," [Joseph] Vince says. "The idea of killing is what this ammunition portrays to me."

But is this person speaking from experience, and not with a political goal in mind? Referring to him as a retired ATF agent would indicate that. However, the ARC conspirator did more reporting than the reporter, apparently. Google indicates that Mr. Vince is a member of a gun control organization, has worked for Handgun Control Inc., and supports lawsuits against firearm dealers.

Either the reporter is incompetent, or he was willing to try to pass off an activist as an unbiased source.



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