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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Young musicians, old music

An interesting discovery, courtesy of browsing Billboard magazine...

Tween band Girl Authority has a new album coming out, Road Trip. The first single, Let's Get Together, is twice as old as the band members.

How did this happen? While I don't know how this song came to the attention of the band*, I did learn that this song was written by Vince Clarke, back in his days with Depeche Mode (that's 80-81, for anyone keeping score at home). The song was never recorded with Depeche Mode, but now this early 80's track sees the light of day with a band whose members weren't even born until the 90's.

Here's an article from Side-Line.com. And thanks to the miracle of YouTube, you can see a bit of a very old Top of the Pops broadcast, showing Depeche Mode practicing this very song.

*Actually, I think I have an idea. The band’s current manager is Michael Pagnotta, who was previously manager for George Michael, Morrissey, and the Cure. More relevantly for this band, he was manager for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. One of the duo’s many direct-to-video releases, Winning London, was set in the namesake city, and had an appropriately European soundtrack. The soundtrack included a cover of the classic Vince Clarke-penned Depeche Mode track, Just Can’t Get Enough, along with a track from his disco side project, Family Fantastic. You may note the keyboard riff from Just Can’t Get Enough in the chorus of the song Let’s Get Together.

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