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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

This is cool

Wired has an article about the return of the choose your own adventure format. And the article itself is in choose your own adventure format.

I read several choose your own adventure books when growing up. (For example, I remember the name "Turtalia"; Google it and see what you find!) I would read each book to try to find all the scenes and all the endings. I preferred books with some bad endings and some good endings, rather than ones that would eventually reach the end, no matter what you did. And I absolutely hated books that talked about "you" without establishing that "you" were a character in the novel. A phrase like "You can't wait to get home and see your pet dog" is just wrong if you don't have a pet dog!

Amusingly, these books are about the only time one will see writing in second person format.

(Via Riding Sun)


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