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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Indiana in the news (1)

And not in a good way, with a shocking execution-style murder in Indianapolis. Seven members of a blended family were killed.

The two suspects, Desmond Turner and James Stewart, have lengthy criminal records, listed here by the Indianapolis Star. Check out that longest sentence by triggerman Turner:

• Longest sentence: Six years, in 2002, for illegal handgun possession.

In case you can't do math, six years from 2002 is 2008, which is after the current year. Had this criminal served his entire sentence, seven people would still be alive today.

Check the paper, and you may see stories along the lines of "Despite rising incarceration rates, the crime level keeps dropping." Here's an example of why that's no source of surprise. Were these cases not so tragic, the liberal amazement that keeping criminals in prison lowers crime rates would be laughable.


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