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Monday, September 26, 2005

A step backwards for diversity

Jillian Bandes will apparently be replaced by Sara Boatright, a militant femininst woman who's into feminist-friendly pornography, obscene poetry, and obscure British indie rock. It's something I discovered a day in advance thanks to following links off of SiteMeter. (I found her journal at the *ahem* very interesting Suicide Girls site via a link for the Technorati search for "Daily Tar Heel.")

It's sad to see that the Daily Tar Heel ignored Chancellor James Moeser's call for intellectual diversity. However, I am not surprised. On the bright side, I can approve of the likely unique and non-mainstream viewpoints she will bring to her column. If her Suicide Girls site is any indication, the readers of the DTH will see a side of culture most people never see.


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