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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Music Profile: 2 Unlimited

2 Unlimited was the brainchild of Dutch producers Phil Wilde and Jean-Paul De Coster, but the faces (and voices) of the band were Ray Slinjngaard and Anita Dels. This band is the definition of 90's pop-dance: a male rapper, a female singer, producers behind the scenes, catchy tunes driven by dominant synthesizer line, eminently danceable. Several tracks by the band are unavoidable at professional sporting events.

After Ray and Anita left, the band was reformed with two different female singers:

Yes, a very different look! The new lineup wasn't successful. The album II was released in 1998, but 2001 in America.

And now, in 2005, the song No Limit (a #1 hit in the UK) appears in a commercial for Mentos, performed by a variety of birds. I personally find this commercial to be a lot better than the deliberately cheesy "Fresh and Full of Life" commercials.

Their lone US Top 40 hit, Get Ready For This, is also currently used in a commercial, for the movie Kicking and Screaming.


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