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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

If this were any other job, they would be fired

A Colts stadium-funding plan, daylight-saving time and tougher regulation of abortion clinics were among key pieces of legislation at risk Tuesday amid a walkout by House Democrats.
House lawmakers began the deadline day with 132 bills awaiting action, but as the evening wore on, none had been debated.
Bills not acted on by midnight will die, and the ideas behind them faced uncertain futures as the 2005 session reached its halfway point.

Politicians walk out rather than debate the issues and put them to a vote. Sickening. That is their job, and they decide they'd rather not do it.

In any other profession, you would face termination for refusing to do your job.

It is up to voters to terminate these overpaid and uncooperative state employees next election.


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