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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ward Churchill, artiste

University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, known for several recent inflammatory statements, has been the subject of several controversies. Did he lie about his American Indian heritage? Is his scholarship questionable?

Now something new: did he plagiarize artwork?

A seriagraph attributed to him, Winter Attack, appears to be an altered version of artwork by Thomas Mails. The article and video clip are quite interesting. When first confronted with the accusations, Churchill tries to bully the reporters, assaulting one, lying, and not answering the question. Later (after thinking up a cover story?), he claims the seriagraph was based on the earlier Mails work, with the artists' permission. The artist's son disagrees, and in any case, the seriagraph does not credit Mails.

I believe we have a case of "fooling some people all of the time."


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