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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The end of Star Trek: Enterprise

Adam Yoshida has some ideas to revive the moribund franchise.

Star Trek meets Smallville: famous Trek figures in their Starfleet Academy days.
Star Trek meets The West Wing: the politics of the Federation.
Star Trek meets CSI: Criminal investigations in the Star Trek universe.

All could be interesting, but here's my take on the Star Trek universe. We don't want to see most of it; it's largely a dismal place. At least by the time of Next Generation, there is limitless energy, technology to create any matter from energy, and, of course, the holodeck. On the starship, we are looking at the finest members of the society, the top achievers. But back on Earth, I suspect there are incredible numbers of lazy people, doing nothing with their lives. At the very least, there are probably many more people who think of themselves as actors, musicians, writers, and artists, who don't need success at the endeavors to feed themselves.

A Star Trek series set in Starfleet Academy would avoid this problem, and a CSI variant set in the Star Trek universe I imagine would shock most viewers. Chances are, everything would be a lot sunnier in the actual series, were it to be created.


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