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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Occupy the Administration Building

Students upset with being in debt after receiving a college education, and then not finding a job using their degree, have decided to blame... Wall Street? They're looking in the wrong place. They should be protesting in the administration building of their colleges and universities.

They should protest schools that have raised tuition far faster than inflation, not coincidentally rising to absorb third party funding, mostly government guaranteed loans.

They should protest a system that rewards their biggest name professors (the 1%, so to speak) by having them teach even less.

They should protest an administration that grows and grows, resources that could be put to direct education.

They should protest a lowering of standards for admission. They should recognize the perverse incentives for universities to collect full tuition for a year spent in remedial education.

They should protest a system that fails to focus students on choosing a degree path, realistically discussing the career opportunities for the degree, and getting them out in four years.



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