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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ah, those tolerant liberals

A group of liberals at the University of North Carolina demonstrated their typical tolerance last night. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo was on campus to speak on illegal immigration. Now, some idiots think opposition to illegal immigration is equivalent to racism, so they came to protest. After some near-violence and vandalism, the speech ended up cancelled.

Now, since I went to UNC, I know any of the campus groups who have different opinions could have easily reserved a room, offered their own speakers, and relied on the power of their own reasonable arguments to win the debate.

Yeah, right.

I'll paraphrase what I once wrote when the campus organization demanded the removal of a Pit preacher (who is just as described, and was a widespread target of ridicule) before one of their events:
Education is a two-way street; what these protesters prefer is better termed indoctrination.

They should relish the chance to present their own reasoned opinion in opposition to the one Tancredo offers. They would, if they felt their argument stood on its own merits.

And I have to add the following hilarious point-counterpoint, from the comments of the article:

"Personally, I'm more concerned that there actually exists a *student organization* that honestly believes 'our civilization is under attack from liberal forces.'"

I think I see your point. I mean, it's not like big angry groups of liberals, self-righteous with the irrefutable correctness of their opinions, are going around silencing those they disagree with.

From the News and Observer.


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