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Friday, October 26, 2007

Unwinnable quagmire

Harvey at IMAO tells us the war is lost, and it's time to withdraw... from California.

After the all of endless days of the California fire quagmire, it's time for America to admit that it can't win this battle. We must immediately withdraw our forces and go home. But until our so-called "leaders" in Washington wise up to the folly of their current course, all we can do is ask ourselves, "why does fire hate us?".

The roots go deep.

Like a good progressive, Harvey examines the history, the root causes, and of course reminds us to first "Think of the children!"

The solution is clear:

I believe in co-existence. I think we can get along peaceably with fire if we just set our pride aside and give it some of what it wants.

After all, it's not called "the combustion of peace" for nothing.


(via Instapundit)



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