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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Quagmire... civil war... unwinnable.

From LGF, via Riding Sun and Stephen Den Beste, an amusing exchange about an unwinnable quagmire.

Lizard 1: It's terrible.
Lizard 2: The horrible loss of American soldiers freeing that country from tyranny...
Lizard 3: ... only to have it devolve into Civil War.
Lizard 1: Car fires, busses burning, security forces being attacked...
Lizard 2: ... and the native population seeming to be helpless to stop it.
Lizard 1: Unemployment sky high...
Lizard 2: ... no vision for the future ...
Lizard 3: ... a leader at odds with the U.S.
Lizard 2: No-go zones with anti-government gangs in control.
Lizard 1: Terrible. We never should have "liberated" them. It was a mistake.
Lizard 2: And I was so hopeful..
Lizard 1: They voted in a constitution...
Lizard 3: The economy was doing well - exports were increasing...
Lizard 1: But now, just thousands of dead and wounded Americans.
Lizard 2: Billions of dollars squandered.
Lizard 1: And for what? Muslim radical driven civil war.
Lizard 2: Yeah. Sad. What a waste.
Lizard 3: But enough about France. Now what should we do about Iraq?


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