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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So what character does the Dear Leader play?

This announcement about the RPGA's Living Greyhawk campaign (a Dungeons and Dragons campaign played throughout the world) is only of interest to its players, and practically speaking, only to those players in the affected regions or those who have the money to fly across the Pacific:

The Living Greyhawk campaign is happy to announce the return of the Ratik region to the campaign.

While the original region was comprised of only Hawaii, the new Ratik, however, encompasses far more territory. While the Hawaiian Islands return to the region, they are joined by Japan, New Zealand’s South Island, Australian Capital Territory and the Australian states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Tasmania. Ratik is part of the Nyrond and Her Environs metaregion (Metaregion IV), headed by John Jenks.

The new Ratik’s real world boundaries change the boundaries of Perrenland. The new Perrenland encompasses the Australian’s North Territory, and the states of Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia, along with Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Guam. Perrenland continues to be part of the Iuz Border States metaregion (Metaregion III), headed by Chris Tulach.

The original version of the announcement was a lot more humorous, when instead of South Korea, it was announced that North Korea would be joining the campaign. (Stupid typo!)

I know that Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, loves American movies, and fancies himself an actor. But who knew he enjoyed Dungeons and Dragons too?

Since President Bush plays too, our two nations' differences could be resolved over a little dungeon crawling and the roll of a few twenty-sided dice.


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